The Isles of the Queen: Bermuda
Hosted By: Bermuda International Film Festival
The Isles of the Queen: Bermuda

Germany / 2018 / 52 minutes / Documentary Feature

Rated: Not Rated

Director: Kristian Kähler

Producers: Stefan Pannen, Kristian Kähler

Featuring: Governor John Rankin, Hamilton Town Crier Ed Christopher, Dr. Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley, Chris Flook, Jonathan Wardman, Earl Leader, Michael Simmons, Joy Barnum, Heather Nova, Milton Hill, Esmeralda Zanders, and many more Bermudians.

World Premiere

The filmmakers toured Hamilton with Ed Christopher, went on a lionfish dive with BIOS, rode the bus with driver Michael Simmons, spoke to young Gombeys-in-training, chronicled the Triple Challenge event, went aboard the ‘Spirit of Bermuda’, eavesdropped on a rehearsal session with Heather Nova and Joy Barnum, checked in with model makers Milton Hill and Esmeralda Zanders, attended the Peppercorn Ceremony presided over by Governor John Rankin, and much, much more. One of an 11-part series by a German production house, the film – shot by Martin Koddenberg and narrated by Adam Wakeling -- was made with the assistance of Bermudians Lara Smith (sound and research) and Milton Raposo (research). The result is an affectionate look at Bermuda through the eyes of visitors to the island.