Industry Master Classes
Hosted By: Bermuda International Film Festival
Industry Master Classes

BIFF 2019 has organized two Master Classes to be conducted by visiting film professionals.

Documentaries With Emmanuel Itier - Monday, March 11th 10-11:30am  
How do you become a Documentary Filmmaker and how do you put your thoughts into Actions? Emmanuel will provide the answer by covering 1/ the vision, 2/ the research, 3/ the shooting, 4/ the marketing and the promotion, and 5/ the sales and the distribution. Then he opens for questions.

Acting With Lana Young  - Monday, March 11th 2-4pm  
Lana will share her journey into the acting world. She will explain the process actors go through to prepare their characters, so the director understands from what angle and perspective the actors are approaching the story. With tips on language directors can use with actors to get a more authentic performance. Lana will share intention/circumstances exercises for the participants.