Director: Ceyda Torun
Starring: Bulent Ustun, Mine Sogut, Elif Nursad Atalay
5/2/2017 - 5/3/2017

As anyone who has ever lived with one will know, cats rule; the rest of us are just there to make sure they get regular food and the cat flap isn’t closed. Anyone doubting this order of things should watch Kedi, which is filmed from a cat’s-eye-view - the tracking shots are delightful - and throws in an added bonus: a guided tour of one of the world’s great cities, Istanbul, conducted by the cats who own it.

Kedi - the Turkish for cat - will fascinate those who have cats and convert those who don’t, introducing us to a series of powerful characters - Sari, the hustler; Duman, the gentleman; Bengü the lover… - all of whom have their beats, their friends (including co-operative fish salesmen) and their daily routines.

“When we set out to make this film,” says director Ceyda Torun, “I had many ideas about what it should be. I wanted to explore philosophical themes that would make an audience ponder about our relationship to cats, to nature, to each other... I hope the film succeeds in doing that but more importantly, I hope it makes you feel like you have just had a cat snuggle up on your lap unexpectedly and purr endlessly for a good long time, while allowing you to stroke it gently along its back.”