By Any Means
Director: Leighton Spence
Starring: Thomas Gipson, Brooke Burfitt, Larese King
5/5/2017 - 5/6/2017
Written By: Clark Phillips-Janssen, Leighton Spence
By Any Means

It is a pleasure to include a new feature with Bermudian connections in our line-up, in the case of By Any Means the film’s English-born producer, Brooke Williams, who lives - and whose production company is based - on the island.
The film may already be available on Amazon - the platform of choice these days for most independently produced films - but Markus Mueller’s smart cinematography deserves a big-screen outing. Mueller is Vienna (and Berlin and London) trained, and director Leighton Spence likewise has a string of camera credits on UK films and TV. By Any Means, which he co-wrote, is his first directorial credit and his first produced screenplay.

Shot entirely on location in Brooklyn, the film is about an abduction which is not quite what it seems: Mimi (Brooke Burfitt), a coke-addicted C-list celeb, is abducted from a night club by a handsome stranger (Thomas Gipson). But the scandalous potential of the event tempts both protagonists to take proceedings in a surprising direction - and one which is dangerous in a very different way.