Happy Hour Shorts
Director: Various
Starring: Various
5/1/2017 - 5/6/2017
Written By: Various
Happy Hour Shorts

Programme #1

Alfred J. Hemlock

A Family of Ghosts

Lost Souls


Memnto Mori

Lost Souls


Programme #2

My Nephew Emmett

Counter Act

Search Party

Last Call Lenny

Watu Wote - All of Us


Programme #3


Der Tunnel

Home Education

Chekhov's Gun


Programme #4

I'm Free

The Superman

The Knackerman

Child for Child

The School Bag

Friday Night


Programme #5

Time to Love

Soho Jimbo

Who's Who in Mycology


Perfect Roast Potatoes

Next Stop


BIFF Shorts Awards


The Devil's Ballroom

Pink Grapefruit